Atrium 8700 vs Atrium 8900

The Atrium 8700 series window and Atrium 8900 series window are both product lines offered by Atrium Windows and Doors, but there are several differences between the two:

1. Design and Style: The Atrium 8700 series window tends to have a more traditional design, while the Atrium 8900 series window offers a more contemporary and modern style.

2. Frame Material: The Atrium 8700 series window is made of vinyl, which provides good insulation and durability. The Atrium 8900 series window, on the other hand, typically features a combination of Exclusive InsulKor™ polyurethane fiberglass and vinyl, offering enhanced strength and stability.

3. Energy Efficiency: Both series offer energy-efficient options, but the Atrium 8900 series window generally has more advanced energy-saving features, such as Low-E glass and multiple panes for better insulation.

4. Customization Options: The Atrium 8900 series window often provides more customization options, allowing for a higher level of personalization with various grid patterns, hardware finishes, and glass options.

5. Price: Due to the differences in design, materials, and features, the Atrium 8900 series windows are typically priced higher than the Atrium 8700 series windows.

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